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Руководители: Mothership
Сложность: Hard
Обязанности: Kidnap people, stuff them with organs of dubious origin
Руководства: This is the guide
Доступ: Everywhere because you got a teleporter and tools that let you open doors with no effort.
Дополнительный доступ: Any place your specimens had access to

Цитата: Ayy

Abductors are technologically advanced alien society set on cataloging all species in the system. Unfortunately for their subjects their methods are quite invasive.

The Truth is Out There

Firstly, it is important to note: Abductors are currently not considered to be "full-blown" antags. You can troll the crew in many ways, create deadly havoc such as a zombie outbreak, but are not allowed to just grab your baton and murderbone, or do things like set the release point to the Supermatter crystal. The source of this information is between-the-lines info from primarily forum and discord from as far back as 2016, including ban appeals. The info is vague and there is no clear headmin ruling on the matter. Ahelp beforehand if unsure. - Updated August 2019

The best way to avoid any complications is to simply warp in, abduct a crewmember, experiment on them, and place them back as quickly as possible as if nothing ever happened. This is your main goal, after all.

How to Play Abductor

Here is a detailed guide to being the best alien duo in the galaxy. If you are in a hurry, skip to the Abductor Quick Guide. First of all, abductors cannot use ordinary guns, and can't speak in the conventional sense. Instead, they share a telepathic link with other member of the expedition ship (the UFO). Talking is automatically converted to telepathy. This is important because it means that regardless of the situation, you have a link to your partner that you can communicate through. Remember to communicate!

Abductor Scientist

Scientists are the operators behind the agent. They have a Human Observation Console where they will spend most of their time. This console lets them see most of the station from above, but only where there are cameras. They start with a science tool in their backpack, which when set to SCAN mode can be used on station crew (through the Human Observation Console) to steal their appearance and add it to the database of disguises for the agent. Then there are two ways to switch between those disguises for the agent. First option is for the the scientist to click the "Switch vest disguise" hud icon on the Human Observation Console. The other option is for either the scientist or agent to use the other console on the ship, the "abductor console" and clicking "Select Agent Vest Disguise". The agent must then click the "Activate" hud icon on their top left corner of screen to disguise.

The science tool can also be set to MARK mode, which will add whoever you marked to your buffer. Only the abductor agent can be marked through the Human Observation Console, while others must be marked from actual melee range. When someone is marked, you can retrieve them either by clicking the "retrieve" HUD icon on the Human Observation Console, or by using the "abductor console" and clicking "retrieve mark". To MARK non-agents you must use the "send self" option to teleport to a target on the station, usually after the target has been put to sleep by an agent. Scientists have an implant that lets them teleport back to the ship with a cooldown. This is done by clicking the blue crystal hud icon on the top left of screen.

The Human Observation Console can also be used to change the agent's vest to Combat Mode. There is more info about that below.

Abductor Agent

Agents are the ones that will do the majority of the actual field work. Their main job is to find an isolated target, successfully stun them and put them to sleep, cuff them, and take them to a secluded area where the scientist can come in and do the rest. With the help of the scientist, they can put on a disguise to help locate a human to catch. To put on a disguise, the scientist must first have scanned at least one target with their science tool on SCAN mode. After that a disguise can be chosen either with the Human Observation Console (as detailed above) or with the "abductor console". Activate the disguise by clicking the "Activate" hud icon.

Vest Stealth and Combat Mode

Human Observation Console and Abductor Console can be used to toggle your vest between stealth and combat mode. You use Abductor Console to choose between SCAN'ed disguises. the If in stealth mode, the agent clicking their "Activate" hud icon turns the currently selected disguise on or off. If in combat mode, clicking the "Activate" button will instantly remove all stuns, which has a long cooldown. The abductor console can also be used to "unlock" the vest, making you able to take it off.


What this essentially means is that the agent and the scientist are a tag team. The scientist finds a human to abduct, and gets a disguise that would suit the situation for the agent. The scientist marks the agent and warps him down to an area where he will be able to access the target. To warp to the station the agent must then stand on the telepad and have the scientist click the "Send To" hud icon on the Human Observation Console. When on station, the agent should ready the Advanced Baton to stun mode (switch modes by using it in hand). Then use the baton to stun, sleep, cuff a target by quickly changing its mode after each use. The agent then has to get the target to an isolated area (which must have cameras). Then, through his Human Observation Console, the scientist can warp himself down to the target with "send self" and MARK the target with the science tool (which takes time, unless the target is a cow). Once the target is marked, the scientist uses the implant to teleport back to ship, and uses his console to "retrieve" the target to the UFO. If needed, the scientist can mark and retrieve the agent as well through the cameras. Once the target is safely in the UFO, the surgery can begin. Remember that you can buckle cuffed subjects to the surgery table, should they wake up and attempt to resist.

Abductor Surgery

The goal of the surgery is to replace the abductee's heart with an experimental gland without killing them. Once the surgery is done and the gland is in, put the subject into the Experiment Machinery. Push some buttons to complete the experiment, and "ding", the subject will teleported to the "Experiment Release Point" set with the Human Observation Console, and you earn one experimentation point. Experimentation points are the things you must collect to complete your objective. If you lose equipment, such as the agent's advanced baton, you can spend your points to get new ones, but this subtracts the points from the total counting towards your objective.

Abductor Quick Guide

In point format:

  • Scientist moves the science tool Science Tool from backpack to their hand. The scientist can change the tool mode between SCAN and MARK by using it in hand.
  • Scientist uses science tool in MARK mode on the agent.
  • Scientist uses the Human Observation Console.
  • Scientist uses science tool in SCAN mode to collect disguises (with the camera).
  • Scientist tells agent where he'll be warped in to and who to try to abduct/watch out for.
  • Agent or scientist chooses disguise with the Human Observation Console or Abductor Console. Make sure vest is still on "stealth mode" with Abductor Console.
  • Agent clicks the "activate" hud icon to disguise.
  • Agent stands on the Alien Telepad.
  • Agent is teleported in by scientist with the "send to" hud icon.
  • Scientist quickly MARKS the agent with science tool through camera (if you forgot to do it earlier) Science Tool on MARK mode.
  • If the agent fails and is in danger, the scientist recalls him to the UFO with the "retrieve" hud icon.
  • Agent stuns, sleeps, and cuffs the target with the Advanced Baton Alien Baton.
  • Agent makes sure the target is not catatonic or it won't count for your objectives.
  • If the agent succeeds, he takes the target to a secluded area where scientist teleports in with "send self" and uses the science tool Science Tool in MARK mode to mark the target (with a slow progress bar).
  • Scientist uses his implant (hud icon) and returns to the ship, then quickly uses his console to retrieve the target, and then quickly MARK and retrieve the agent as well.
  • Scientist uses Surgery to replace the victim's heart with an experimental gland (found in the replacement organ storage).
  • Optionally do any other surgery you feel like. The scientist knows all surgery types.
  • Scientist chooses an Experiment Release Point with Human Observation Console.
  • Target is then placed into the experimentation machine and sent back to the station to the chosen Release Point.
  • The process repeats as many times as necessary.

Before you start: Discuss a plan. Make a test-run to a secluded spot, to make sure you know how to MARK and teleport out quickly. Don't blame each other when things go wrong. Consider warping into medbay stealthily to steal a medkit or two in the event that the agent gets harmed. Consider warping into the armory stealthily to steal weapons if needed. Consider warping to the AI core to take it out if it proves to be an issue.


Your overall objective is to kidnap and experiment on given number of station inhabitants and acquire the designated number of experimentation points.

Beginning Surgery

Step 1: Operating Table Place the patient onto the operating table using an aggressive

Grab action.png Grab 32.png
Hold CTRL and left-click a person with your hand empty. It doesn't matter if
Режим боя Combat 32.png
Смена режима осуществляется нажатием клавиши 4 или F по умолчанию. Если режим боя активирован Harm Harm 32.png , то при нажатии ЛКМ на людей, вы им навредите, или поможете Help Help 32.png, если он деактивирован. Также предотвращает смену мест между персонажами или попытку толкнуть персонажа при их столкновении.
is on or off. Repeat after a short delay to upgrade grab to aggressive (lvl 2), neck (lvl 3) and strangling (lvl 4).


Step 2: Drapes Place drapes & select "Organ Manipulation"

Step 3: Turn off

Режим боя Combat 32.png
Смена режима осуществляется нажатием клавиши 4 или F по умолчанию. Если режим боя активирован Harm Harm 32.png , то при нажатии ЛКМ на людей, вы им навредите, или поможете Help Help 32.png, если он деактивирован. Также предотвращает смену мест между персонажами или попытку толкнуть персонажа при их столкновении.


Step 4: Файл:Hud target torso.gif Target: Chest (important!).

Step 5: Scalpel Do the surgery (see the steps below!).

Experimental Dissection

This works through clothes, unlike most other surgeries.

Procedure Ghetto Analogues
Step 1: Scalpel Scalpel: make an incision. Kitchen Knife (65%) Shard (45%) Energy Sword (75%)
Step 2: Hemostat Hemostat: clamp bleeders. Wirecutters (60%) Package Wrap (35%) Cable (15%)
Step 3: Retractor Retractor: retract the skin. Screwdriver (45%) Wirecutters (35%)
Step 4: Scalpel Scalpel: make an incision. Kitchen Knife (65%) Shard (45%) Energy Sword (75%)
Step 5: Hands Remove unnecessary organs / Use your hands to find the organs (usually the heart). Removed organs are garbage, and can be placed wherever. Some heartless species can't be experimented on, since this step is not fulfillable.
Step 6: Gland Gland: Insert the chosen gland from gland storage.

Ship Equipment

Name Icon Purpose
Abductor Console Console Use this to set teleporter destination or retrieve people marked by scientist tools. Also used for buying replacement gear and linking the agent's vest.
Experimentation Machine Experiment This is the device that rewards you with experimentation points. Put in human with replaced organs and select one of the options to finish the experiment. Note that the subject will be sent to the "Experiment Release Point" immediately if experiment succeeds.
Alien Telepad Telepad Stand on this if you want to be sent to the station. People that have been marked and teleported to the UFO by the scientist appear here.
Replacement Organ Storage Storage Contains replacement organs needed for experimental dissection. You have limited supply of each gland, so try to pick a new one on each subject you experiment with.
Alien Operating Table OpTable Perform dissection on this. If the subject is cuffed, you can buckle him down to prevent resistance by dragging his sprite to it.
Human Observation Console Observation The scientist's main base of operations. Use this to find secluded humans, mark agents or gather disguises. Also used for warping marked people (including the scientist) in or out of the UFO.

Abductor Agent



You're the strong arm of the team, you're the one who will spend more time station-side kidnapping humans. Teleport in, incapacitate a human and secure the area for scientist arrival. Keep in mind that while you are the one that will frequently be in combat, communication with your fellow scientist is still very important, as they control what disguises are available to you, the mode of your vest, and are able to warp you out of danger in a pinch. Remember to communicate!


Name Icon Purpose
Agent Vest Vest The most important part of your equipment, this vest is surgically grafted to your body and works in two modes : Stealth and Combat. Remember: Modes are controlled remotely by your ship console! Communicate frequently and let the scientist know when you need to change modes.
Agent Vest Stealth Mode Vest Using this vest mode will allow you to take on form of any human your scientist teammate added to the database. Be careful however this disguise is very fragile and any damage will reveal your true identity. Disguise is chosen using ship-side console. This vest mode is more commonly used, as it allows you to be more stealthy, and is more useful for sneaking up to isolated targets to abduct them.
Agent Vest Combat Mode Vest This mode significantly increases armor values of the vest and allows you to use an inbuilt anti-stun injector with a long cooldown. You can't maintain the disguise in this mode. Use it in a pinch.
Abductor Silencer Silencer Use this device to silently turn off radios and headsets around the targeted human. Especially useful during abductions, in the event of the subject waking up or screaming for help before you can put them to sleep.
Alien Pistol Decloner Your self-defense sidearm, deals radiation damage but needs to be recharged using station rechargers. Remember you need your specimens alive! Holds ten energy rounds. This is a last resort, meaning you should only find yourself using it if you're without any other options or tools (or if you decide to go loud).
Advanced Baton Alien Baton Use these to capture the specimens for research. It has 4 different modes, that can be toggled through by activating it in hand, and can't be used by humans, making it very useful as your main abducting tool. It has a stunning mode which acts as a regular stun baton would, a sleep inducement mode which will cause an already stunned human to go unconscious, a restraining mode which applies disposable alien handcuffs, and a probe mode, which tells you if a subject is suitable for experiments or not. Remember, when abducting: Stun, Sleep, Cuff.
Нажатие правой кнопки мыши. Эффект не зависит от того, включён режим боя или нет.
to stun/sleep/cuff/probe non-harmfully.
Нажатие левой кнопки мыши. Эффект не зависит от того, включён режим боя или нет.
to also deal damage.
Agent Belt Alien Toolbelt Contains a set of extremely advanced tools, and can also contain other small items.
Tools Alien ScrewdriverAlien WrenchAlien CrowbarAlien WirecuttersAlien Welding ToolAlien Multitool These tools are extremely fast compared to their station counterpart; additionally, the welding tool won't run out of fuel nor blind the user's eyes, and the multitool will show the function of all wires while hacking.

Abductor Scientist



You're the support member of the team. The observation console is your main base of operations: Use it to gather disguises, control agent's vest, warp people in and out of the station/UFO, warp yourself to the station, and also to simply monitor station activity and look for an isolated target. You are also generally the one in charge of experimental surgeries. You will also have to go to station to mark humans secured by the agent for retrieval. Be vary careful, as you are the only link back to the UFO, and if you are caught and die while on station then your mission has failed. Remember to use your teleporter implant if danger presents itself for a quick retreat.


Name Icon Purpose
Teleporter Implant Implant Using this implant will allow you to return to ship straight away. Has a cooldown. Mainly used for getting back to the UFO after you've warped yourself to the station to mark an abductee.
Science Tool : MARK mode Science Tool In this mode the tool will mark humans or agents for retrieval. You must be immediately next to a human/lizard if you're marking them for abduction, and the marking process takes a good few seconds in which you are vulnerable. With your agent, however, the marking process is instant and can be done through the observation console, meaning that you can warp your agent out of danger in a pinch without putting yourself at any risk.
Science Tool:

SCAN mode

Science Tool This mode will add the targeted person's look to disguises database. Can be done through cameras. If you scan the same person again after they've changed clothing, their appearance will update in the database. Keep in mind that if you cuff someone for abduction and then scan them, the handcuffs will appear in the disguise, which looks very suspicious.

Other Equipment

These items are not given as starting equipment, but can be bought with the credits you earn by abducting.

Name Icon Purpose Cost
Mind Interface Device Mind Device A device that can directly access the mind of other living beings.

In transmit mode it will send anonymous psychic messages to the target, which can be used to communicate with the station's crew.
In control mode it will allow the user to send a directive to any target that currently has a gland inside them. Different glands have different durations and maximum number of times the abductee can be mind controlled. The directive temporarily becomes the primary objective of the victim. Control has a limited amount of uses for each gland, and different gland types have different durations and use amounts.

Reagent Synthetizer Reagent Synthetizer An abductor style chem dispenser. This can produce every chemical an ordinary emagged chem dispenser can, with some differences: It can not produce carpotoxin, but instead it can make plasma and uranium. The machine is delivered as a beacon which can be used when standing on any free tile to spawn it. 2
Shrink Ray Shrink ray.png
  • Has 5 shots and can be recharged. Self-recharges about 1 shot every 12~ seconds.
  • Shoot a thing with the shrink ray to make it small. Anything can be shrunk except floors.
  • Shrunken things grow back after 9 seconds.
  • Small things will not block vision and can be walked over (this includes walls).
  • Small people won't fit into their clothes and will drop all their stuff (or rather, their stuff will drop off of them). They also can't move very fast, and take 2x damage while shrunk.

Abductee or Insanity 101

So you were kidnapped and experimented on by aliens? Who'd have expected that! Your mind did not get through this even unscathed and you feel like there's something wrong with your body. Try to complete your objectives and maybe you'll learn what's going on here.

In other words, you have been given a ticket to make the round more fun. This is somewhat reliant on roleplay. Just go along with it and be the crazy alien-lunatic that you now are.

Possible Glands

These glands can be dispensed from the replacement organ storage in the abductor ship. Replace a heart with one of these for it to take effect. The scientist can examine one of these too see its true name, but the agent can't.
The icon is completely randomized every time the gland is dispensed, so don't rely on what they look like.

Glands also act as receivers for the Control function of the Mind Interface Device, and each has a different amount of maximum uses, and duration of the mind control influence.

Icon Name True Name (examine with scientist) Effect Mind Control Uses Mind Control Duration
Gland.png Healing Gland Organic replicator If organs, chest or or limbs are too damaged or robotic, they will be forcefully rejected and replacements will grow out instead. If having low blood, over 40 toxin damage, or at least 10u toxins in bloodstream, the blood will be rejected (by vomit) and replaced with healthy blood. Also rejects implants such as mindshield implants. 3 300s
Spider gland.png Spider Gland Araneae cloister accelerator Makes the abductee exhale spider pheromones and spawn spiderlings. 2 240s
Slime gland.png Slime Gland Gastric animation galvanizer The abductee occasionally vomits slimes. Slimes will no longer attack the abductee. 1 240s
Emp gland.png Trauma Gland White matter randomiser The abductee occasionally gains a random brain trauma, up to five times. The traumas can range from basic to deep-rooted. 3 180s
Species gland.png Transform/species Gland Anthropmorphic transmorphosizer Makes the abductee occasionally change appearance and species. 7 30s
Egg gland.png Egg Gland Roe/enzymatic synthesizer Makes the abductee lay eggs filled with random reagents. 2 180s
Stretch gland.png Stretch Gland Pliant cartilage enabler Allows the abductee to crawl through vents without trouble. 4 180s
Mind gland.png Mindshock Gland Neural crosstalk uninhibitor Makes the abductee emit a disrupting psychic wave every so often. This will either stun, cause hallucinations or deal random brain damage to people nearby.

When targeted by a Mind Interface Device, the mind control will be transmitted to all nearby mobs instead of the gland owner.

1 600s
Viral gland.png Viral Gland Contamination incubator Makes the abductee carrier of a random advanced disease - abductee is NOT affected. 1 180s
Gland.png Electric Gland Electron accumulator/discharger The abductee becomes fully immune to electric shocks. Additionally, they will randomly discharge electric bolts. 2 90s
Gland.png Chemical Gland Intrinsic pharma-provider The abductee constantly produces random chemicals inside their bloodstream. They also quickly regenerate toxin damage. 3 120s
Gland.png Plasma Gland Effluvium sanguine-synonym emitter The abductee randomly emits clouds of plasma. 1 80s
Egg gland.png Blood Gland Pseudonuclear hemo-destabilizer Periodically randomizes the abductee's bloodtype into a random reagent. 3 150s
Gland.png Quantum Gland Quantic de-observation matrix Periodically links with a random person in view, then the abductee later swaps positions with that person.

When targeted by a Mind Interface Device, the mind control will also be replicated to the linked person.

2 120s
Mind gland.png Access Gland Anagraphic electro-scrambler After it activates, makes the abductee have intrinsic all access. 3 90s


  • It's not possible to teleport into the AI chamber, although there may be other ways of pacifying them.
  • Teleport into the medbay storage room and steal medkits. This provides you with an easy way to heal.
  • Implant the right organs for the job! Engineer or scientist? Consider EMP organs. Avoid giving healing or stretch glands to security or others who are likely to be a threat to you.

Relevant code changes

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