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Things it can be used on

NOT Airlocks

Since April 2020 emag doesn't work on airlocks (or most windoors). Instead you need an Airlock Authentication Override Card.


Unlocks the panel if it's closed.

Rewrites cyborg's laws to obey you if opened, and unlocks some special modules depending on the cyborg type. Also unlocks the cyborg's ability to manually detonate itself (if it's not locked down).

Doing so will cause the interface to "look damaged..." for anyone who opens/closes the panel afterwards, making the emagging evident. Cyborgs slaved to a malfunctional AI can not be emagged.


Unlocks the panel if it's closed.

If its panel is opened with a screwdriver, it will spray slippery acid foam.

ED-209 and secbots

Unlocks the panel if it's closed.

If its panel is opened with a screwdriver, it will attack everyone in sight with lasers.


Unlocks the panel if it's closed.

If its panel is opened with a screwdriver, it will deconstruct floors into open space.


Unlocks the panel if it's closed.

If its panel is opened with a screwdriver, it will inject 5u chloral hydrate and damage you based on what they would have healed (brute if you don't need treatment) per step.


Unlocks the panel if it's closed.

If its panel is opened with a screwdriver, it will play disturbing noises and HONK people. If attacked, it will HONK the offender into oblivion.


Cleans people with fire instead of water.


Unlocks controls.

Supply computer

Unlocks buying/selling contraband as well as 1 new item:
The 'Spec Ops' crate with a box of EMP grenades, 3 smoke bombs, a sleepypen and an incendiary grenade, costing 800 credits.

Express supply console

Lets supply pods crash on a random part of the station instead of cargo bay.

Cloning pod

Ejects the cloned person regardless of condition.

Chem Dispenser

Adds Carptoxin, Toxin, Morphine, Space Drugs and Miner's Salve to the reagent list.

Soda Dispenser

Adds Thirteen Loko, Whiskey Cola, Mindbreaker Toxin and Tirizene to the reagent list.

Booze Dispenser

Adds ethanol, iron, mint toxin and Atomic Bomb to the reagent list.

Mutagen Dispenser (From the podpeople lavaland ruin)

Adds liquid plasma to the reagent list.

The Orion Trail

Unlocks 'Realism Mode' - if you die in the game, you die in real life. If you win, you get a kickass toy spaceship that explodes like a minibomb.


Turns a regular arcade machine into Outbomb Cuban Pete, which is harder than the standard game. If a player wins, he gets a bomb and a hat. If the player fails, he is gibbed. Un-emags after a victory or if the machine is screwdrivered.

Communications console

Unlocks the communications console, acting if a captain-level ID has just logged on. In addition, it reroutes it, enabling you to send a message to the Syndicate, sending a message to game admins, which might just be the extra bit of push to convince them to go along with your gimmick. In addition, it unlocks four new, dangerous shuttles that can be purchased: Disco Inferno, for 10,000 credits, Oh Hi, Daniel, for 10,000 credits, the Hyperfractal Gigashuttle, for 10,000 credits, as well as the Grand Corporate Monastery, for 18,000 credits. Buying a shuttle from an emagged communications console censors the name of the buyer. The emagging can be reversed by simply logging out of the console. Useful if you're planning to hijack.

Holodeck computer

Disables safety protocols, allowing you to run the Wildlife Simulation (Spawns several hostile Holocarp), the Burn Simulation (Fills the entire deck with plasma before igniting - Spills out of the holodeck quickly) or the Bees Simulation (Fills the holodeck with bees that inject random toxins, some of which are very dangerous).

Message monitor

Prints out the password and temporary disables the console.

Emergency shuttle console

Shortens launch to 10 seconds.

Deployable Barrier

First use: Removes access restrictions

Second use: Breaks the ID scanner, leaving the barrier permanently left in the state it's currently in


Makes it shoot everyone and boosts fire rate.

Turret Control console

Disables access restrictions, letting anyone mess with controls.


Allows it to grind people and corpses.

Shield generator

Makes parts of shield slowly dissipate.

Telecomms server monitoring console

Removes access restrictions.

Traffic control console

Removes access restrictions.

Power Flow Console

Disables precise logging and allows you to clear logs.


Lets you download two new programs. One runs DDoS attacks against other consoles, the other destroys the console.

Vending machines

Removes access restrictions.

Exosuit Fabricator

Removes access restrictions. Does nothing.

Mech fabricator

Removes access restrictions.

Light replacer

Fills replaced lights with plasma.

Note: they will explode immediately if turned on.


Breaks open.

Secure briefcase and safe

Breaks open.


Breaks open.

Locked crate

Breaks open.

Library computer

Lets you print random fake cultist items. You can't use them, but it's still fun to fool Security with.

Labor/Mining shuttle console

Allows anyone to pass.


Permanently unlocks interface. Locks the AI out. Turns the APC blue, making it look as if a Malfunctioning AI had hacked it.


Scrambles the chemical buttons, remapping each button to another chemical. (NOTE: Sleepers have been removed from all /tg/ maps and replaced with Stasis Beds.)


Unlocks interface if locked.

R&D console

Removes access restrictions. Currently pointless.

R&D server

Removes access restrictions. Currently pointless.


Makes text larger and red.

Toolset Implant

Adds a combat knife. Emag the implant by using the emag in the hand with the implant.

Limb Grower

Adds the synthetic arm blade.

Equipment Reclaimer Station

Removes access restrictions.

Security Gas Mask

Changes activation phrase.

Fire Alarm

Prevents the fire alarm from detecting fires.

Bar Sign

Changes image.

Automated Announcement System

Changes the announcement messages and prevents interaction until fixed.

Point Claim Console

Allows prisoners to move the labor shuttle. Does not announce returns to security.

Meteor Shield Satellite

Disables the shield and doubles the chances of meteors.
Anyone can check the status by using a multitool on it - DEBUG_MODE means that it's emagged.


Removes access restrictions.

Slot Machine

Causes the slot machine to throw coins instead of dropping them, injuring or even killing the winner loser.

Firing Pin

Removes authorization checks.

Portable Generator (PACMAN, SUPERPACMAN)

Removes upper limit for power output, making them the opposite of a powersink. This can be used to overload the PSUs all over the station, causing them to shoot out lightning!


Creates a large smoke cloud when worn, but also has a small chance of making a small explosion.

Geiger Counter

Allows the Geiger counter to irradiate people it scans. The Geiger counter automatically charges up to 20 rads and can store up to 25 rads if it is irradiated by another source. Irradiating someone will remove stored rads. The Geiger counter's normal functionality can be restored with a screwdriver.

Organ Harvester

Disables the safety system and lets you harvest organs from living people.

Lipid Extractor

Removes the access restrictions and lowers the automatic ejection hunger threshold.

Space Suits

Increases the possible temperature range. See hardsuits.


Unlocks Syndicate programs for download, such as Fission360 which can track nuke disk and nukes.

Disposal Outlet

Sets ejection speed to 6.

Personal AI

Frees the pAI from its master, letting it be bound to someone else.

Notes and Known Bugs

  • Sometimes you must be on hostile intent while using the emag in order for it to work on containers (like lockers or crates), otherwise you will just smack the container with the emag. This will quite often produce a message saying you "hit the locker with the Cryptographic Sequencer", so be very sure you're using the right intent.