Раздвоение личности

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Раздвоение личности
Split Personality
Руководители: Whoever your host's supervisor is
Сложность: Easy to Very Hard
Обязанности: Don't suicide, do your job, move along.
Руководства: Depends on your host
Доступ: Whatever access your host has already obtained
Дополнительный доступ: Wherever you or your host can hack into

Цитата: How do I setup the scrungularity?!!11!

Sometimes, a normal concussion isn't good enough. When a spaceman exhibits enough brain damage for the dent embedded within the top of their head to collect rainwater, there's a good chance that their brain gets bisected along with it, creating two personalities. With a lack of cooperation, a Split Personality can turn existence hell. With a good amount of cooperation, one can actually turn it into almost a net positive, with tasks being delegated accordingly. Well, if RNG is cooperative in letting each player take the wheel.


When someone gets severe brain damage (that means brain damage >100), they have a 80% chance of rolling a Severe Trauma. Of the possible traumas within the Severe Trauma pool, there is a 1/11 chance of rolling complete lobe separation, in other words, a Split Personality, manned by a former ghost.


As a Split Personality, your first goal is to make sure that your body survives. Other than that, you share the same goals as that of your host. Was your host a Head Revolutionary? Great, now start flashing people. Was your host a Traitor? Great, now try to help achieve their objectives. If your host is a law-abiding member of the crew, stay that way. Any suicidal behavior, A:, is not fun for your original host, who might have invested a good amount of time into achieving things, and B:, is probably going to end up with you getting bwoinked.

Also, make sure that your host doesn't try to cure the "complete lobe separation" brain trauma that is keeping you in existence, as if they do cure it, you'll be completely deleted. It usually should be a severe or greater trauma, so neurine should be okay for your host to drink (check with a health analyzer to make sure that your host's "complete lobe separation" trauma has a "severe", "deep-rooted", or "permanent" prefix in front of it before drinking neurine, though, just to be safe) to cure some of their lesser, more annoying traumas. Stay away from nanites, as the neural reimaging program can delete your host's "complete lobe separation" trauma if it isn't in an abnormally high trauma resilience tier.


You and your host will swap places whenever RNG pleases. The period of time in which you have control can vary from a few seconds, to several minutes. The personality which is not in control can telepathically communicate with the personality which is in control. Telepathically means that only the two personalities (and the ghosts) have access to the channel. Besides that, there isn't really much special. The circumstances in which you are placed in, and the actions that you will do, will vary drastically, based on your host. If your host is an antagonist, you do antaggy things. You're naturally going to do different things if your host is the Clown, rather than the Captain.

Должности на SS220 /tg/station


Командование Капитан, Глава персонала, Глава службы безопасности, Главный инженер, Директор исследований, Главный врач
Служба Безопасности Офицер службы безопасности, Смотритель, Детектив
Инженерный отдел Станционный инженер, Атмосферный техник
Научный отдел Генетик, Ученый, Робототехник
Медицинский отдел Врач, Парамедик, Химик, Вирусолог
Сервис Уборщик, Бармен, Повар, Ботаник, Клоун, Мим, Священник, Куратор, Ассистент, Адвокат, Психолог, Заключённый
Снабжение Квартирмейстер, Грузчик, Шахтер
Синтетики ИИ, Киборг, Позитронный мозг, Дрон, Персональный ИИ, Конструкт, Воображаемый друг, Раздвоение личности, Призрак
Антагонисты Предатель, Сбойный ИИ, Генокрад, Ядерный оперативник, Кровавый культист, Еретик, Революционер, Маг, Семья, Блоб, Абдуктор, Голопаразит, Ксеноморф, Пауки, Свармеры, Ревенант, Морф, Кошмар, Космический ниндзя, Демон резни, Пират, Разумная болезнь, Одержимый, Беглец, Охотники, Космический дракон, Элитные мобы, Разумная слизь, Крысиный король
Специальные Офицер центрального командования, Офицер отряда смерти, Офицер отряда быстрого реагирования, Хроно-легионер, Горец, Иан, Лаваленд Роли