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Generic psychologist.png Psychologist.png
Руководители: Head of Personnel, Chief Medical Officer
Сложность: Easy
Обязанности: Advocate sanity, self-esteem, and teamwork in a station staffed with headcases.
Руководства: N/A
Доступ: Medbay, Psychology Office
Дополнительный доступ: N/A

Цитата: Show me on the moth plush where the clown touched you.

The Psychologist is a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and a friend to all. Nominally part of service, and physically part of medbay, they are tasked with diffusing disputes and seeing to the psychological well-being of all the crew.

Bare minimum requirements: Talk to any crew seeking your counsel.


Nanotrasen cares deeply about the mental health of its employees, and to this end, they have seen fit to drag an old carpet and couch into a disused broom closet in medbay, even going so far as to hang up a motivational poster. Thus, the Psychology Office was born and qualified individuals sought out to work there.

Your job is primarily to simply talk and listen to any and all who request it, and secondarily to write, sign, and dispense prescriptions (redeemable with the CMO, chemists, doctors, or perhaps even botanists and bartender) and doctor's notes for patients as you see fit.

CBT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Psychology Office
The Psychology Office, your empire of dirt.

You begin the round in your office with a black suit or suit skirt, laceup shoes, a clipboard, a medical PDA equipped with a health scanner (useful for detecting cerebral traumas), a headset with both medical and service frequencies, a small selection of pills, and a burning desire to help others. Also in your office; a medical records laptop, carbon paper and a filing cabinet, a couch and chair for therapy sessions, an adorable moff plushie to comfort those who are reliving traumatic events or for "So talk to the plushie as if it was your boss... what do you want to say to them?" exercises, and a straight jacket, muzzle, earmuffs, and blindfold.

You are, make no mistake, essentially useless to the functioning of the station, but don't let that stop you from trying! Here are some ideas on how to best serve the crew:

  • Defer to the HoP, CMO, other heads of staff, and security to help diffuse disputes and talk disagreements into soft landings
  • Help integrate criminals back into working society.
  • Talk to and provide company to sad, angry, confused, traumatized, or bored crew members.
  • Collaborate with the lawyers on perceived injustices and abuses and serve as an expert witness in court.
  • Keep the rarely utilized medical records up to date and add detailed theories on the sexual orientation of the Captain.
  • Conduct totally ethical experiments on how the crew responds to stress and confusion.
  • Bar RP unthil you die from an overdose of alcohol
  • Get surgery access and perform lobotomies on volounteers.
  • Slow down supermatter delaminations.
  • Die in a funny way by attempting to negotiate with antagonists
  • Conduct psychological research by following the clown around and recording everything he does on a piece of paper
  • Do "social experiments"

Hypocritical Oath

As a traitor, you have the small luxury of a somewhat secluded and private room that few other crew members have access to, a cozy relationship with two heads of staff, and a disarming and harmless job ripe for exploiting people's trust and vulnerability.

Basically, buy a hypnoflash and have at it.

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Командование Капитан, Глава персонала, Глава службы безопасности, Главный инженер, Директор исследований, Главный врач
Служба Безопасности Офицер службы безопасности, Смотритель, Детектив
Инженерный отдел Станционный инженер, Атмосферный техник
Научный отдел Генетик, Ученый, Робототехник
Медицинский отдел Врач, Парамедик, Химик, Вирусолог
Сервис Уборщик, Бармен, Повар, Ботаник, Клоун, Мим, Священник, Куратор, Ассистент, Адвокат, Психолог, Заключённый
Снабжение Квартирмейстер, Грузчик, Шахтер
Синтетики ИИ, Киборг, Позитронный мозг, Дрон, Персональный ИИ, Конструкт, Воображаемый друг, Раздвоение личности, Призрак
Антагонисты Предатель, Сбойный ИИ, Генокрад, Ядерный оперативник, Кровавый культист, Еретик, Революционер, Маг, Семья, Блоб, Абдуктор, Голопаразит, Ксеноморф, Пауки, Свармеры, Ревенант, Морф, Кошмар, Космический ниндзя, Демон резни, Пират, Разумная болезнь, Одержимый, Беглец, Охотники, Космический дракон, Элитные мобы, Разумная слизь, Крысиный король
Специальные Офицер центрального командования, Офицер отряда смерти, Офицер отряда быстрого реагирования, Хроно-легионер, Горец, Иан, Лаваленд Роли