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Руководители: Shadowlings
Сложность: Hard
Обязанности: Spread darkness!
Руководства: This is the guide
Доступ: None
Дополнительный доступ: Jaunt anywhere there isn't light

Цитата: *teleports behind u*

Shadowlings are back, baby. And they are nothing like they were before. Nightmares are a side antagonist that show up with changelings (or can be spawned in by random events), and are hyper glass cannons in that they kill incredibly fast with their armblade but die to one stun in the light. They have some very very strong powers allowing them to pass walls and escape even the wildest of situations if they're smart.

I am the one who shadow walks!

So you're a nightmare, you'll find that you die in the light and heal in the darkness. You have only a few powers but they're really strong. Lets quickly go over them:

Light Eater

Nightmares carry a modified armblade with them at all times, it works like a normal armblade but it has a couple special properties. If you attack an item emitting light, the light will be turned to dust. If you attack a person carrying lights, all their lights will turn to dust. This works on borgs, too, permanently frying their headlamp, so don't be afraid to go all in.

Shadow Walk

Shadow walk is what makes a human with an armblade into a teleporting, terrifying, god of maint. Whenever the darkness is low enough, you will be able to Jaunt infinitely as long as you're in darkness. You can pop up anywhere, smack someone with your armblade, and pop back into the shadow walk BUT if you shadow walk into light you will be abruptly kicked out of the jaunt.


Nightmares have a unique brain and heart organ. If you manage to kill one, implanting it will result in special properties.

  • Brain: Instead of a normal brain, Nightmares have a "Tumorous Mass". When implanted into a host, it gains the shadow walk ability unique to the Nightmare. It will also turn its host into a Nightmare, controlled by the original Nightmare the brain was taken from.
  • Heart: Instead of a normal heart, Nightmares have a "Heart of Darkness". When implanted into a host, it reshapes one of the host's arms into a light eater permanent armblade. It has the ability to revive its host from the dead if the body is shrouded in darkness. The mutant human (no matter how menacing that armblade may be) is still a member of the crew, and therefore not an antagonist.
  • Eyes: Instead of a normal pair of eyes, Nightmares have "Burning red eyes" When implanted into a host, they can see perfectly in darkness


Nightmares also have night vision, and will dodge all ranged projectiles while shrouded in the darkness.

There's a scary shadow monster on the station, what do I do??

Well, here's a couple tips for fighting them.

Stay in the light

There is no way a Nightmare will bother you if you're in a lit room and all rooms around that are lit. Staying in departments, maybe security or the bridge, all of those will basically guarantee your safety. If lights start breaking, though, it's time to move.

Bring a friend

If you wander alone, one hit from the Nightmare means certain death as it turns off all your lights. And fighting a Nightmare in the shadows is right next to impossible, considering they can jaunt around you swinging their light eater. Even if you manage to stunbaton them, they could just shadow walk until their stun wears off. With a friend, they'd have to hit you both for complete darkness and a friend can pull you out if you lose your lights. If a Nightmare attacks you they would have to go all in as they can't just leave if one of you has lights.

Bring a spare light

The light eater consumes anything that is currently giving lights, but if you have a glowstick or flashlight that hasn't been turned on it won't be destroyed. If you get hit swap to your second line of defense, more lights!

Deny escape

If there are no lights while fighting the Nightmare, it will simply leave if it feels it is losing. Deny escape! You can crack on a glowstick and throw it for a great way to stop a jaunted Nightmare from escaping. Be sure to always be CLOSE to the nightmare as once again, if it escapes to darkness it already won the battle.

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