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Руководители: Sheep
Сложность: Medium
Обязанности: Beat up the other Highlanders
Руководства: This page.
Доступ: Everywhere
Дополнительный доступ: N/A


Sae yi'll waant tae learn howfur tae robust fowk wi' a pure massive sword? weel, keek na further. This is actual scottish.


Highlanders were developed in the olden days of /tg/station (about 2010) as a meme-ish admin button to turn everyone into an antag and have them fight for the nuclear authentication disk traitor deathmatch like. Since then, it's received a few different tweaks to make it more unique than "take one hit and then die because slowdown makes you a bigger target than a golden ID."


You have two goals:

  • Get dat fukken disk.
  • Escape alone on the shuttle.

When the highlander button is pressed, every single living person on the station will be given these same goals and outfitted with the equipment listed in the following section. This means you will be competing with the entire station for the disk. Latejoins are also given highlander gear, so don't expect a free pass.


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The Scotsman's Claymore & You

Your claymore is way fancier than the Chaplain's. It's the essential lifeblood of a Scot during highlander, and it'll make sure you don't die in a dumb way. For one, it does 40 brute damage per hit. It also has the following attributes:

  • Prevents you from being slowed down, through damage or otherwise. You'll move at full speed until you're bleeding out.
  • Halts any bleeding from blood loss, but not critical condition.
  • Gives you stun immunity while active.
  • Bumps up your layer so you can't hide under anything.
  • Prevents you from holding anything in your other hand.
  • Can be used in-hand to point towards the nearest combatant.
  • Allows you to pick up the nuke disk by hitting it. This is the only way you can pick it up, due to the point above this one.

When hitting a dead contender with your claymore, a few things will happen: for one, their body will immediately be dusted into bones and ash. If they were holding the nuclear authentication disk, it will be left on top of their remains. You will also be fully healed of all damage, keeping you in the fight and recovering any damage you took during the battle.

Killing someone will also add a notch to your claymore to count how many kills you have. Fancy. For every notch, your claymore gains one point of damage, meaning after ten kills it downs in two hits instead of three. Once you reach ten notches, your claymore will gain a special appearance and an all-caps name change to something fitting like GORE-DRENCHED CLAYMORE OF A THOUSAND SLAUGHTERED CATTLE.

Должности на SS220 /tg/station


Командование Капитан, Глава персонала, Глава службы безопасности, Главный инженер, Директор исследований, Главный врач
Служба Безопасности Офицер службы безопасности, Смотритель, Детектив
Инженерный отдел Станционный инженер, Атмосферный техник
Научный отдел Генетик, Ученый, Робототехник
Медицинский отдел Врач, Парамедик, Химик, Вирусолог
Сервис Уборщик, Бармен, Повар, Ботаник, Клоун, Мим, Священник, Куратор, Ассистент, Адвокат, Психолог, Заключённый
Снабжение Квартирмейстер, Грузчик, Шахтер
Синтетики ИИ, Киборг, Позитронный мозг, Дрон, Персональный ИИ, Конструкт, Воображаемый друг, Раздвоение личности, Призрак
Антагонисты Предатель, Сбойный ИИ, Генокрад, Ядерный оперативник, Кровавый культист, Еретик, Революционер, Маг, Семья, Блоб, Абдуктор, Голопаразит, Ксеноморф, Пауки, Свармеры, Ревенант, Морф, Кошмар, Космический ниндзя, Демон резни, Пират, Разумная болезнь, Одержимый, Беглец, Охотники, Космический дракон, Элитные мобы, Разумная слизь, Крысиный король
Специальные Офицер центрального командования, Офицер отряда смерти, Офицер отряда быстрого реагирования, Хроно-легионер, Горец, Иан, Лаваленд Роли