Аид, Папа Греха

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Аид, Папа Греха
Hades, Pope of Sin
Руководители: Wizard's Clergy
Сложность: Medium to Impossible
Обязанности: Judges the Crew for their sins, and acts a general menace.
Руководства: This is the guide
Доступ: Teleportation and Trans-dimensional travel.
Дополнительный доступ: N/A

Цитата: "You can't run from me! You. Will. Be. JUDGED!"

Hades, Pope of Sin (other titles are available) is a magical, trans-dimensional being who, upon being summoned into the realm, will cause havok, judge people for their sins, and be a general nuisance.

Hades has a variety of self defence and offence spells, as well as general freedom of movement, immunity to space and atmospherics, and increased reaction times, making him a formidable opponent for anyone not prepared.

Summoning Hades, Pope of Sin

The only way to summon Hades, Pope of Sin is to use a Dark Seed, which was previously available for wizards. After 10 dead or unconscious human bodies have been absorbed by the Dark Seed, the user can choose to summon Hades (which should be easy for any wizard). When summoned, Hades will immediately begin fighting in the area with anyone not aligned with him.

Should Hades be summoned through a Dark Seed, the being who initiated the summoning will be converted into an Acolyte of Hades, and if they have done a good job of summoning him, he will bless them with greater power; Beware, however, of short-changing him, as it may turn his wrath upon you.

Hades and his Sins

Hades has three different modes, which he can switch through at will.

In the JUDGEMENT mode, Hades will wander the area, occasionally teleporting to a random crew member, or pulling them to him, and judging them for a sin. Sins are not exclusive and a player can be judged twice for different sins.

Every sin has an "Indulged" and a "Punished" form. In general, Indulged sins are mostly harmless and give the player a small reward, however, some may be ironic and result in hindrance to the player. Punished sins will most often result in some sort of punishment being taken that relates to your judged sin.

Greed is the sin of want, representing the sinner's innate desire to have more and more. It's consequences reflect on the sinner's inner need to hoard or steal.

"Indulged Greed"
Indulged Greed results in the sinner being given a pile of randomised rare minerals, such as gold, diamonds and silver.

"Punished Greed"
Punished Greed results in the sinner being turned into a cockroach, with the mind transfer ability.

Gluttony is the sin of many, representing the sinner's indulgence in grand and large amounts of blissful things. It's consequences reflect on the sinner's inner desire of consuming.

"Indulged Gluttony"
Indulged Gluttony results in the sinner being given a large pile of uncooked food, such as meat and dough.

"Punished Gluttony"
Punished Gluttony results in the sinner being imbued with a large amount of nutriment, to the point they will become fat over time.

Pride is the sin of self, representing the sinner's view of themself towards others. It's consequences reflect on the sinner's view on themself, and those around them.

"Indulged Pride"
Indulged Pride rewards the sinner with an Indulged Prideful Hammer, which causes the user to unload their burdens upon those they strike with it. Each strike will transfer your reagents to the target, and leech a small amount of health.

"Punished Pride"
Punished Pride grants the sinner a Punished Prideful Hammer, which will have the same effect as the Indulged Prideful Hammer, but in reverse. Each strike will take reagents from your target, and grant them a small amount of your health.

Lust is the sin of others, representing the sinner's desire to have or be with people and things around them. It's consequences reflect on the sinner's view of their interactions with people and objects.

"Indulged Lust"
Indulged Lust grants the sinner an "Indulged Stone of Lust", which can be used to draw everything nearby towards the user, for better or for worse. It's advised against using the stone in an area with a lot of loose objects.

"Punished Lust"
Punished Lust grants the sinner a "Punished Stone of Lust", which has a double edged effect. If used near a friendly crew-member, the stone will heal both parties; However, if used with no one in range, it will slowly destroy the user's heart, to the point of a heart attack.

Envy is the sin of wish, representing the sinner's desire to have, or to be something or some one. It's consequences reflect on the sinner's innate desire of something.

"Indulged Envy"
Indulged Envy will cause the sinner to take on the identity of a random crew member, right down to their DNA and Species. It's worth being noted that you will be biologically identical to the person you have transformed into, to the point of your fingerprints, blood and looks being exactly the same.

"Punished Envy"
Punished Envy will result in the sinner being changed into a random race, for better or for worse. Because this sin picks from every available species, you may receive a good one (such as Angel), or a potentially life-threatening one (such as Shadow-beings).

Sloth is the sin of void, representing the sinner's desire to lay down all and give up, in lieu of a nice rest. It's consequences reflect on the sinner's innate desire to do absolutely nothing.

"Indulged Sloth"
Indulged Sloth results in the sinner being made drowsy for a medium-length period. This will have no adverse affects on the sinner, and can be slept off.

"Punished Sloth"
Punished Sloth results in the sinner being tainted with frost, causing their movements and actions to slow, their breath to halt and small amounts of burn damage being taken.

Wrath is the sin of hate, representing the sinner's desire to destroy, torture or taint the people and objects around them. It's consequences reflect on the sinner's anger, and it's targets.

"Indulged Wrath"
Indulged Wrath will transform the sinner into a Wrath Demon, which is functionally identical to a Slaughter Demon.

"Punished Wrath"
Punished Wrath will taint the user with sin, causing them to momentarily go insane, seeing hallucinations and hearing things, before finally dealing a large dose of oxygen damage.


Below is a list of all actions, reactions and abilities Hades will use, as well as their triggers .

Name Action Situation/Trigger Cooldown/% Chance
Shocking Sin Electrocutes all targets nearby with a chain of lightning. Possible defence action during regular combat. 1 in 3 with a 20% per hit.
Reverse Gravity Will toss the offending attacker in a random direction with sufficient force to damage them and others. Possible Defence action during regular combat. 1 in 3 with a 20% per hit.
Sinful Leer Summons a small horde of floating eyeballs, who will attack nearby targets. They will dissapate in 15 seconds. Possible Defence action during regular Combat. 1 in 3 with a 20% per hit.
Reflect Causes Hades to reflect a large majority of projectiles shot at him back towards the shooter, but does not block all point blank shots. Triggered when hit by a non-thrown projectile. At a range, 100% of the time.
Summon Acolytes Summons give Acolytes to Hades, who are bound to him with an ethereal tether. They may not be kited or move more than 5 tiles from Hades at all times. Summoning begins in WRATH mode, will resummon each time his previous acolytes all die (or if there are none.) Summoning only occurs if there is no Acolytes near Hades.
Ethereal Tether Hades will link to a target trying to flee, and drag them back towards him. Causes a short stun. Triggered when his current combat target attempts to flee. Every 6 seconds, assuming the target is more than 4 tiles away.
Ultimate: Wrath Hades will mark every target in a 6x6 tile radius, teleporting to every one and dealing a small amount of damage. During this effect, time is stopped. Triggered when Hades' rage counter reaches greater than 100. No Cooldown, but will only occur upon rage reaching greater than 100.
Ultimate: Sloth Hades will mark every target in a 6x6 tile radius, grappling and stunning them for a short time. During this effect, time is stopped. Triggered when Hades' rage counter reaches greater than 100. No Cooldown, but will only occur upon rage reaching greater than 100.
Ultimate: Consume Sin Hades will teleport to the chapel (assuming the map is equipped for it), and consume the power of all judged sins to heal himself. This will heal for less each cast. Triggered when Hades' health reaches less than 1/4 of maximum. Can occur every 3 seconds that Hades does not reside on hallowed ground.
Judgement of Sin Hades will choose a random target aboard the station, either teleporting to them, or moving them to him, He will then judge their sin. During this effect, time is stopped. Periodic, assuming Hades is in JUDGEMENT mode. 30 seconds, but the cooldown is reduced for any damage he takes by 1/4 (7.5s by default)
Final Judgement Upon reaching near death, Hades will be pulled back into his own realm. This will print a large warning, before shortly after causing a lethal explosion to anyone in melee range. Triggered when Hades is near death. Usable only once, results in the death of Hades.

Tactics and Methods for not getting Judged.

Hades is, by default, a hostile entity. Should he appear near you, and you have not been judged poorly, it is advised to run away unless appropriately equipped.

Hades will rotate between three different modes: JUDGEMENT, WRATH and FLEE.


During the Judgement phase, Hades will attack nearby targets and judge them for their sins. Upon judgement, he will carry out the consequence of an indulged or punished sin upon the target.

Judgement is his least lethal phase, as he will only use regular melee attacks, and his defensive spells.


During the Wrath phase, Hades will forego judging for straight out attempts to murder nearby people. In this phase he will summon five Acolytes of Hades, who deal considerable amounts of brute damage, but have a relatively low health pool. It is best to leave at least one of them alive to prevent him from summoning more.

During this phase, any Acolytes that have been drawn or moved more than 5 tiles from Hades will be yanked back by their Ethereal Tether, meaning the best solution to dealing with them is to kill four, and lead one in a circle.

Because of the foregoing of Judgement, in Wrath phase, he will defend with increased vigour, making it completely inadvisable to attempt to shoot him during this stage.


During the Flee Phase, Hades will attempt to regain a portion of his health. At the start of the phase, he will teleport to the Chapel and restoring his max health, divided by (10*v), where v is the amount of times he has fled currently.

Whilst on Hallowed ground, Hades will restore a small portion of his HP and be unable to trigger his large heal.

After Sin, and what to do when Hades is dead

Upon death, Hades will be pulled back to his own dimension. When this happens, he will drop his staff, which is essential to the next stage.

A Dimensional rift will spawn in the location of Hades' death, so it's crucial to keep him in a safe area during the final phase. Players can use the Dimension rift to travel backwards and fourth from the Chapel of Sin, where Hades' worshippers reside.

It's important to note that a newly spawned chapel will have upwards of twenty or more Acolytes inside it, and they congregate in large groups. It is suggested to bring powerful melee weapons, or any sort of crowd control items (such as fast firing guns, grenades etc).

Acolytes of Hades can be butchered for their outfits, although this does not change their standing toward you.

After defeating all of the Acolytes, you will find notes left behind with instructions on how to appropriately imbue your Staff of Hades.

After being imbued, the Staff will allow users to judge living beings in the same way Hades does.

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