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Эта статья содержит устаревшие данные, необходимо сверить и обновить информацию.
Причина: HoP, Atmos Tech, Geneticist, and all of service outdated. Security icons outdated.

Missing HUDs for the Diagnostic HUD Glasses, the Medical HUD health bars, antagonist HUDs that normaly are not visible like Changeling and some other ones I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting.
Scientist generic.png
Jerry Scienmon, the Scientist говорит:
«Here, have a look through this eye piece. If you look at certain things while wearing this Medical HUD, you can automatically view how healthy a person is, just at a glance! Pretty cool right? Not to mention, we also have Security HUDs for the officers, Science HUDs for the Chemists and other Science department staff, Diagnostic HUDs, night vision versions of these, fancy sunglass HUDs...»

Did you mean the game window?

The abbreviation of heads-up display. These icons show up if your character is either an antagonist, or wearing Security's Hudsunglasses.pngHUDSunglasses or a MedGlasses.pngHealth Scanner HUD.

Antagonist HUD Icons

These are the icons that display over some persons under certain circumstances.

Icon Description

Traitor Hud.png

Traitor. Can only be seen after round end.
Hudrev.png Revolutionary. Can only be seen by other revs.
Hudrevhead.png Head Revolutionary. Can only be seen by other revs.
Hudcultist.png Cultist. Can only be seen by other cultists.
Hudclock.png Clockwork Cultist. Can only be seen by other servants. Clockwork Cult was removed from rotation on April 3rd, 2018 and all code was removed completely from the game on October 15th, 2019.
Hudsyndicate.png Syndicate Operative. Can only be seen by other operatives during Nuke Ops.

Security HUD Icons

These are the icons that display over all persons while you are wearing a Security HUD. Personnel with a Mindshield Implant will have a flashing blue outline around their job icon.


Icon Description
HudcaptainV2.png Captain
HudhopV2.png Head of Personnel
HudhosV2.png Head of Security
Huddetective.png Detective
Hudsec.png Security Officer
HudwardenV2.png Warden
HudceV2.png Chief Engineer
Hudengi.png Station Engineer
HudatmosV2.png Atmospheric Technician
HudqmV2.png Quartermaster
Hudtech.png Cargo Technician
Hudminer.png Shaft Miner
HudcmoV2.png Chief Medical Officer
Hudchem.png Chemist
Huddoc.png Medical Doctor
Hudparamedic.png Paramedic
HudviroV2.png Virologist
HudrdV2.png Research Director
HudgenV2.png Geneticist
Hudrobo.png Roboticist
Hudsci.png Scientist
HudjanitorV2.png Janitor
HudbarV2.png Barman
HudchapV2.png Chaplain
HudbotanistV2.png Botanist
HudchefV2.png Chef
HudlawyerV2.png Lawyer
HudbookV2.png Curator
Hudpsychologist.png Psychologist
Hudhonk.png Clown
Hudmime.png Mime
Hudhelp.png Assistant
Hudprisoner.png Prisoner
HudU.png Unrecognized Rank
Hudno id.png No ID
Hudcentcom.png CentCom Official
Huddeathcommando.png Death Commando
Hudertcommander.png ERT Commander
Hudertengineer.png ERT Engineer
Hudertmedic.png ERT Medic
Hudertsecurity.png ERT Security
Hudertjanitor.png ERT Janitor
Hudertchaplain.png ERT Chaplain
Huderpentertainer.png ERP Entertainer

Arrest Status

Icon Description
Hudwanted.png Wanted
Hudprison.png Prisoner
Hudparol.png Parolled
Hudreleased.png Discharged
Blinkhud.gif Tracking Implanted
Hudchemimplant.gif Chemical Implanted

Medical HUD Icons

These are the icons that display over all persons while you are wearing a Health Scanner HUD.

Icon Description


No Viruses Detected.


Bad Virus Detected


Positive Virus Detected


Unknown Lifeform Detected