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Связка проводов
Cable Coil

Местонахождение: Почти везде
Используется для: Прокладки электрических проводов, строительства объектов, использующих электричество.
Стратегия сражения: Провод — это ресурс, который можно использовать во многих конструкциях и для прокладки линий электропередач. Убедитесь, что все АПЦ подключены к основной линии проводами, иначе у вас будут отключения



Может быть уложен на покрытие для распределения электроэнергии. Автоматически подключается к другим проводам на об плитке. Прочитайте руководство по прокладке проводов чтобы узнать больше. Убедитесь, что вы не касаетесь проводов на земле без изолированных перчаток. Провода могут быть размещены на трех разных слоях. Переключайте слои, удерживая нажатой клавишу CTRL, щелкнув связкой проводов.

Используя провода в руках, вы можете создавать многослойные мосты или Cablecuffs.png которые, являются гетто-наручниками и используются для связывания кого-либо.

Power Cell

Местонахождение: Разгрузочная, Инженерный отдел, EVA, Технический склад, Основное хранилище инструментов, R&D, Робототехнический отдел, внутри APCs, внутри Space Heaters
Используется для: Создание вещей, использующих электричество
Стратегия сражения: Используется для питания АПЦ, киборгов и различного электрооборудования.


Можно заряжать в Cellcharger.png Cell Charger.
Существует пять разновидностей:

  • Powercell.png Standard (1 kW)
  • Power cell.png High-Capacity (10 kW)
  • Supercell.png Super-Capacity (20 kW)
  • Hypercell.png Hyper-Capacity (30 kW)
  • Bluespace Power Cell.gif Bluespace (40kW)


Rcd 0.png
Rapid Construction Device (RCD)

Местонахождение: EVA, Engi-Vend, Cargo and Engineering Protolathe (after research)
Используется для: Making and destroying walls, windows, airlocks, and floors.
Стратегия сражения: You can repair hull breaches and rebuild walls very quickly. Extremely useful when the Clockwork Cult strikes.


An experimental device which can build, or deconstruct areas rapidly. This is held in the EVA for emergencies (and is the Chief Engineer's responsibility). However they can be made in hacked autolathes as well.

Use this tool in hand to open a radial menu, where you can choose mode and change many settings, such as airlock access, airlock type and window type.

Нажатие правой кнопки мыши. Эффект не зависит от того, включён режим боя или нет.
Нажатие левой кнопки мыши. Эффект не зависит от того, включён режим боя или нет.
  • Build Floors (2 Ammo)
  • Build a Wall (16 Ammo)
  • Build a wall on top of a girder (8 Ammo)
  • Build a Grille (4 Ammo)
  • Build a Window (8 Ammo)
  • Build a Reinforced Window (12 Ammo)
  • Build an airlock (16 Ammo)
  • Deconstruct a girder(13 Ammo)
  • Deconstruct a wall(26 Ammo) (Can't deconstruct reinforced walls, unless it's a cyborg or mech RCD)
  • Deconstruct a floor tile into space(33 Ammo)
  • Deconstruct a grille(4 Ammo)
  • Deconstruct a window(8 Ammo)
  • Deconstruct an airlock(32 Ammo)

Can be loaded with Compressed Matter Cartridges and regular metal and glass sheets. One Cartridge holds 40 units, with 160 being the maximum. Be forewarned that changing RCD mode can cause it to emit sparks, which can cause fires in plasma-rich environments. It also can robust the shit out people. Or AIs, if needed.

  • Can be upgraded with an RCD advanced design disk, which can be printed from the engineering protolathe after research. This lets the RCD create:
    • Wired/wrenched machine frames Wired Frame.png
    • Computer frames
    • Simple circuits, which contain the designs for firelock, air alarm, fire alarm, apc circuits and basic power cells. These work the same as the engineering cyborg's Electroadaptive Pseudocircuit.

  • Can also be upgraded with an Advanced RCD silo link upgrade, which can be printed from the engineering protolathe after research. With this upgrade, the RCD can be used on an Ore Silo to permanently link it. Afterwards, use the radial menu of the RCD to select an option there which makes it pull materials directly from that silo. It can be toggled back to using its internal storage at any time.

Advanced Rapid Construction Device (ARCD)

Местонахождение: Admin Magicks
Используется для: Making and destroying walls, doors, and floors, from a distance
Стратегия сражения: Repairing damage to the station, without putting yourself in harms way. Alternatively, weaponized against the clock cult.


The ARCD is a RCD, except it can construct and deconstruct items from a distance. Unfortunately, short of serious admin fuckery, it cannot be obtained through normal play. Most often used for making Ratvar cry a river.

Rapid Piping Device (RPD)

Местонахождение: Supermatter Chamber, Atmospherics, cargo and engi techfabs after research
Используется для: Dispensing pipes
Стратегия сражения: Use the RPD to dispense pipes to make atmospherics/the SM more efficient


The replacement of the old pipe dispenser, it can manufacture (but not deconstruct) several different pipes. Does not consume ammo. Most often used for spamming a shit ton of volume pumps.

It can dispense:

  • Pipes
  • Manifolds
  • Manual Valves
  • Digital Valves
  • 4-Way Manifolds
  • Layer Manifolds
  • Connectors
  • Unary Vents
  • Gas Pumps
  • Passive Gates
  • Volume Pumps
  • Scrubbers
  • Injectors
  • Passive Vents
  • Meters
  • Gas Filters
  • Gas Mixers
  • Heat Exchange Pipes
  • Heat Exchange Manifolds
  • Heat Exchange 4-Way Manifolds
  • Heat Exchange Junctions
  • Unary Heat Exchange Pipes
  • Disposal Pipe
  • Disposal Junction
  • Disposal Y-Junction
  • Disposal Sort Junction
  • Disposal Trunk
  • Disposal Bin
  • Disposal Outlet
  • Disposal Chute
  • Transit Straight Tube
  • Transit Straight Tube With Crossing
  • Transit Curved Tube
  • Transit Diagonal Tube
  • Transit Diagonal Tube With Crossing
  • Transit Junction
  • Through Tube Station
  • Terminus Tube Station
  • Transit Tube Pod

Alt-click the RPD to toggle autowrenching on and off.

Rapid Light Dispenser (RLD)

Местонахождение: Admemez
Используется для: Lighting up an area
Стратегия сражения: A device used to rapidly provide lighting sources to an area. Reload with metal, plasteel, glass or compressed matter cartridges


The RLD has 3 different modes:

  • Permanent Light Collection: The RLD can attach lights to the floor or to the wall. These lights will burn forever as long as the APC in the room is powered.
  • Light Launcher: The RLD launches glowsticks at a distance
  • Deconstruct: Tears apart wall/floor lights


Местонахождение: Nearly everywhere
Используется для: Opening airlocks, breaking things.
Стратегия сражения: If the power goes out on the station, you will need a crowbar to open doors. Otherwise it's just for breaking things.


The crowbar can pry open things or pry closed things and is used in deconstructing objects like computers and airlocks. It will open powered down doors and fire doors. You can use it to remove floor tiles, especially useful when they are damaged or you believe wires have been cut. Comes in two flavors, gunmetal grey and robust red.

Screwdriver tool.png

Местонахождение: Auxiliary Tool Storage, Engineering, EVA, Primary Tool Storage, R&D, Robotics
Используется для: Construction and deconstruction
Стратегия сражения: Almost every machine requires a screwdriver to build it or take it apart.


A simple, but often needed tool. Everything from APCs to windows to computers can be unscrewed. Grilles can be unscrewed and pulled away instead of broken. A screwdriver to the eyes is a dangerous weapon.


Местонахождение: Auxiliary Tool Storage, Engineering, EVA, Tech Storage, Primary Tool Storage, R&D, Robotics
Используется для: Removing wires
Стратегия сражения: One quick snip and you can remove wires from any machine, security camera, or from the floor. Make sure to wear gloves.


More or less an undo tool with wires. Can be used to disable cameras, and needed to take apart most machines. Can also be used to deconstruct grilles instantly.


Местонахождение: Nearly everywhere
Используется для: Deconstruction, attaching bolts
Стратегия сражения: Wrenches are usually used to take things apart, like wall girders, or tables. Only the emitters and computers use them in construction stages. They either fasten bolts, or take apart bolts.


This tool is used more to take the station apart than to put it together. Most departments need one to secure some machine or another.

Welding Tool

Местонахождение: Auxiliary Tool Storage, Engineering, EVA, Primary Tool Storage, R&D, Robotics
Используется для: Sealing airlocks, construction and deconstruction. Fighting aliens.
Стратегия сражения: You can cut all manner of things apart, from lockers (open locker, click while lit) to walls. OR, You can weld shut doors and lockers. It is useless when out of fuel.


A must have for engineers. Most modifications you make to the station will require this tool. It does have an open flame, so it will light everything from cigarettes to plasma. Use it as a weapon against weeds and vines. Don't refuel it when lit unless you want an explosion. Be sure to use eye protection unless you like slowly going blind.

You can get an industrial version with double fuel capacity from the welding lockers from Engineering, ordering one from Cargo or from a hacked vending machine.

Industrial Welding Tool

Местонахождение: Engi-Vend, Engineering, Cargo
Используется для: Welding stuff, even better
Стратегия сражения: You can weld objects together, you can unweld objects together


It's a welding tool, but it has double fuel capacity. Most rounds, you don't have to refuel it at all.


Местонахождение: Cargo, Engineering, EVA, Maintenance, Tech Storage, Primary Tool Storage, Robotics
Используется для: Hacking
Стратегия сражения: Multitools are used to pulse wires while hacking anything. Having one gives you more control over the device you are hacking.


Used for hacking Airlocks, APCs, autolathes, mulebots, vending machines, and nearly anything else with a panel. See the guide to hacking for more information.


Местонахождение: Toolboxes
Используется для: Scanning the air
Стратегия сражения: If you ever needed a complex readout about your current atmosphere, this is the tool for you.


Can be used to scan the atmosphere, and shows you what's inside a Canister or a pipe. The analyzer can also be added to an unscrewed Security Camera to upgrade it to an X-ray camera, and will prove invaluable in the case of a anomaly.

Otherwise, made practically worthless by the PDA Air Scanner.

T-ray Scanner

Местонахождение: Auxiliary Tool Storage, Engineering, EVA, Primary Tool Storage, R&D, Robotics
Используется для: Seeing under floor tiles
Стратегия сражения: If you are actually doing repair work, a T-ray scanner in your pocket will let you plan out wires and pipes.


Click on it on your hand to activate. When activated it will reveal wires and pipes under the flooring, as well as Critters and Creatures inside pipes, as well as make cloaked people flicker. You can put it in your belt, or leave them lying all over the place.

Rapid Pipe Cleaner Layer

Местонахождение: Engineering, Chief Engineer's Office
Используется для: Laying cosmetic pipe cleaners
Стратегия сражения: Wield it with both your hands, walk slowly


The Rapid Pipe Cleaner Layer can hold 90 pieces of Pipe Cleaner. When wielded with a single hand, it can lay pipe cleaner manually. However, when it is wielded with both hands, it lays pipe cleaners under you as you walk. Used for wire art.

Airlock Painter.png
Airlock Painter

Местонахождение: Engineering
Используется для: Painting airlocks
Стратегия сражения: Put a toner in it and use it on an airlock and select how you want it to look


An advanced autopainter preprogrammed with several paintjobs for airlocks. Use it on an airlock during or after construction to change the paintjob.

Emergency welding tool.png
Emergency Welding Tool

Местонахождение: Emergency toolboxes through the station
Используется для: Same as a regular welding tool
Стратегия сражения: Welding stuff


Functions identically to a normal welding tool, but only has 10 units of fuel.


Местонахождение: Chief Engineer's Office, Engineering Protolathe, Science Protolathe (after research)
Используется для: Recharging machines
Стратегия сражения: Use inducers to recharge essential machines (chem dispensers, APCs) when the power goes out.


You can click on a machine or an APC with an inducer to recharge it. Recharge the inducer itself by replacing the power cell within it.

Jaws of Life

Местонахождение: Chief Engineer's Toolbelt, Engineering Protolathe (after research)
Используется для: Prying open doors, cutting wires, popping out floor tiles
Стратегия сражения: It's a crowbar and a pair of wirecutters combined into a single tool


While in cutting mode, you can cut wires and hack machines. While in prying mode, you can pop out floor tiles, and instantly open unpowered/fire doors. Similarly to the Fire Axe, you can pry open powered doors with a bit of effort.

Hand Drill

Местонахождение: Chief Engineer's Toolbelt, Engineering Protolathe (after research)
Используется для: Exposing wires, securing objects
Стратегия сражения: It's a screwdriver and a wrench combined into a single tool


With the screw driver bit, you can expose wires to hack stuff. With the bolt driver bit, you can secure canisters and wrench down loose objects faster.

Experimental Welding Tool

Местонахождение: Chief Engineer's Toolbelt, Engineering Protolathe, Science Protolathe (after research)
Используется для: Welding stuff
Стратегия сражения: It's a better welding tool


This welding tool contains more fuel, welds objects quicker, and recharges fuel on its own, without any intervention.

Geiger on 1 0.png
Geiger Counter

Местонахождение: Radiation Locker
Используется для: Detecting Radiation.
Стратегия сражения: Use it on people or objects to see whats causing all the radiation poisoning.


The Geiger Counter is used to detect radiation and potentially cause radiation poisoning

Construction bag.png
Construction Bag

Местонахождение: Engineering
Используется для: Carrying stock parts and circuit boards.
Стратегия сражения: Put the parts in it needed to construct machines and other things.


Can hold stock parts, other common machine components, circuits, misc electronics and cable coils.

Engineering Gear

Hard Hat

Welding Helmet

Optical Meson Scanner

Engineering Scanner Goggles

Hazard Vest

Insulated Gloves

Tool Belt

Hardsuit Helmet




Местонахождение: Engineering
Используется для: Supplying yourself with electronics and engineering equipment
Стратегия сражения: Get a loaded RCD from here.


Spare tool vending.

<span id="SMES
Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage">SMES Charging.gif
Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage

Местонахождение: Engineering, Solars, AI Chamber, Mining Station, Telecommunications
Используется для: Storing and distributing power
Стратегия сражения: Set an input (how much power will be drawn from input wire terminal), set on output (preferably smaller than the input so something will actually be stored in the cell), and watch the station flourish!


Huge cell/battery for power distributing purposes. Maximum capacity 5 megawatts.
Remember: Wire connected to the floor terminal = power input. Wire under the SMES = power output.
Left lights represent how much of the SMES is loaded.
The top right light shows the input power status. If it's off = none, red = on but receiving no power, blinking yellow = receiving power and loading.
The middle right light shows the output power status. If it's off = not outputting power, green = outputting power.
Guide to building an SMES.

<span id="APC
Area Power Controller">ModernAPC.png
Area Power Controller

Местонахождение: Every room with power
Используется для: Controlling the power for a sector on the station.
Стратегия сражения: Have power equipment access, swipe your ID on it to unlock it and choose your action.


Actions available on the APC:

  • Main Breaker: On/Off - Toggles power to the room
  • Equipment: Auto/On/Off - Toggles power to computers, doors, and other electronic equipment.
  • Lighting: Auto/On/Off - Toggles power to lighting in the area.
  • Environmental: Auto/On/Off - Toggles power to the ventilation in the area, as well as the Air Alarm.
  • Cover Lock: Engaged/Disengaged - Provides a cover to protect the battery.

Remember, 'Auto' power settings slowly cuts off each breaker when power runs low in this order:
<30 % = Equipment off, <15% = Lighting and Environment off.

Replacing the APC's Battery:

To replace the APC battery, you need an ID with sufficient access to unlock the APC itself.

  1. Id regular.png Swipe ID with power equipment access to unlock the interface.
  2. Open the panel and disengage the cover lock.
  3. Crowbar.png Use a crowbar on the APC to open the cover.
  4. Hud-hands.gif Take the battery out with a free hand.
  5. Power cell.png place in the new battery.
  6. Crowbar.png Close the cover again with your crowbar.
  7. Re-engage the cover lock.
  8. Id regular.png Swipe ID to secure the interface.

APC emagged.gifIf an APC looks like this (blue with blinking red lights), it's either emagged or the AI is malfunctioning.

Apc charging.gifIf an APC looks like this (blue with moving bar) it is just charging and yelling MALF in the radio will make everyone 1. laugh at you and 2. not believe you when you actually find real hacked APCs.
Guide to building an APC.

Guide to hacking an APC.

Cell Charger

Местонахождение: Cargo, Engineering, Primary Tool Storage, R&D, Robotics
Используется для: Recharging power cells
Стратегия сражения: Place power cells into these to charge them up


These will drain power directly from the room's APC2.gif APC unit to recharge Powercell.png Power Cells. Beware with high capacity cells, as they will drain the room's APC completely. Can be secured and unsecured using a wrench.

P.A.C.M.A.N.-Type Portable Generator

Местонахождение: Engineering Power Storage
Используется для: Portable backup generator
Стратегия сражения: Mostly used to jump start the Engine


Needs solid plasma as fuel and be secured on an exposed powered wire to generate power. Can be secured and unsecured using a wrench.
Guide to building a P.A.C.M.A.N.-Type Portable Generator.

S.U.P.E.R.P.A.C.M.A.N.-Type Portable Generator

Местонахождение: R&D
Используется для: Portable backup generator
Стратегия сражения: If you really need to use that uranium for power.


Needs uranium as fuel and be secured on an exposed powered wire to generate power. Can be secured and unsecured using a wrench.
Guide to building a S.U.P.E.R.P.A.C.M.A.N.-Type Portable Generator.

M.R.S.P.A.C.M.A.N.-Type Portable Generator

Местонахождение: R&D
Используется для: Portable backup generator
Стратегия сражения: Because diamonds are not manly.


Needs diamonds as fuel and be secured on an exposed powered wire to generate power. Can be secured and unsecured using a wrench.
Guide to building a M.R.S.P.A.C.M.A.N.-Type Portable Generator.

Emitter On.gif

Местонахождение: Engineering Secure Storage, Engine, more can be ordered from Cargo
Используется для: To power up the supermatter
Стратегия сражения: Ensure it has a powered wire under it, wrench and weld it in place and turn it on. Lock with ID if needed


A heavy duty industrial laser. Shoots non-stop when turned on. There are four at the engine, powering up the Field Generators with laser shots.
Emitter are also useful as a weapon, if your target stand still long enough for you to set it up. (Hint: Blobs don't move.) You can also slot in a custom energy weapon to be fired, instead of default emitter beams. Simply open the panel and insert the gun.

Field Generator.gif
Field Generator

Местонахождение: Engineering Secure Storage, Engine, more can be ordered from Cargo
Используется для: Containing the singularity or other dangerous things
Стратегия сражения: Point an Emitter at it and turn them both on


A large thermal battery that projects a high amount of energy when powered.

Gravitational Singularity Generator.png
Gravitational Singularity Generator

Местонахождение: Engineering Secure Storage, Engine, more can be ordered from Cargo
Используется для: Creating a Singularity
Стратегия сражения: Place in front of a Particle Accelerator


An odd device which produces a Gravitational Singularity when set up.

Tesla gen.gif
Tesla Generator

Местонахождение: Engineering Secure Storage, Engine, more can be ordered from Cargo
Используется для: Creating a Tesla
Стратегия сражения: Place in front of a Particle Accelerator


An odd device which produces a Tesla when set up.

Particle Accelerator

Местонахождение: Engine, parts can be ordered from Cargo
Используется для: Creating and maintaining a Singularity
Стратегия сражения: Set a Gravitational Singularity Generator in front of it and turn it on


Guide to Setting Up the Particle Accelerator

Guide to hacking the Particle Accelerator.

Radiation Collector.gif
Radiation Collector

Местонахождение: Engine, more can be ordered from Cargo or constructed.
Используется для: Creating energy from radiation.


Will generate energy when loaded with a Plasma tank.png Plasma Tank (filled with Plasma Gas), if anchored and activated near an active Supermatter.
Converts the Plasma into Tritium. Can alternatively be used to generate research points instead of power.

To change configuration to research mode, fill the tank with Tritium and Oxygen instead of Plasma. Then use a multitool on the Radiation Collector.
Examine it to see current configuration. A generic supermatter setup can produce a total of 10 points per minute for each Radiation Collector generating points.
In this research mode, the tank must also be refilled every 5 minutes or so.

Anti-Breach Shielding Projector.png
Anti-Breach Shielding Projector

Местонахождение: Engineering Secure Storage, Engine, more can be ordered from Cargo
Используется для: Used to seal minor hull breaches
Стратегия сражения: Wrench it in place near a hull breach and turn it on


An energy shield used to contain hull breaches. All space tiles within a 2 square radius will be blocked off with a shield.

Emergency Energy Shields.png
Shield Generator

Местонахождение: Teleporter, Xenobiology, more can be ordered from Cargo
Используется для: To seal in/out aliens and such
Стратегия сражения: Wrench it in place


Creates a barrier between two Shield Generators.

Gravity Generator.png
Gravity Generator

Местонахождение: Gravity Generator Room
Используется для: Creating gravity to the station
Стратегия сражения: If broken, fix it with a screwdriver, welding tool, 10 units of plasteel and then a wrench.


Provides sweet sweet gravity when enabled. Provides sweet sweet anger when not. When powered, and toggled on, it will charge until 100%, which will then enable the gravity. If it isn't powered, via the APC on the environment channel, or it is toggled off then it will discharge until it hits 0%; which will then disable the gravity. While charging/discharging, the generator will emit a lot of radiation so make sure you wear a radiation suit.

Gas Turbine Generator and Compressor

Местонахождение: MetaStation
Используется для: Creating power through a contained small fire
Стратегия сражения: Make inferno fire to compressor-side, turn Gas Turbine Generator on, open the turbine-end to space so fire moves through the machine to generate power. Higher airflow and temperature makes more power.


See here how to construct a Gas Turbine Generator.

Thermo-Electric Generator.png
Thermo-Electric Generator

Местонахождение: MiniStation
Используется для: Creating power through a contained huge inferno
Стратегия сражения: See below.


See here how to set it up.