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This is a list of the more common Computer Terminals which can be found in different parts of the station. Look here to see how to build computers.


ModularModern2.gif Modular HardwareLaptop.gifTablet.gif

The latest and greatest in Nanotrasen technology, these modular consoles get their programs from the cloud, and can hold as many as they have memory for, as well as run multiple simultaneously depending on their CPU power. Laptop and tablet frames can be built on an autolathe, while a console can be built directly from metal. Components are usually printed at the lab, or found in the elusive laptop vendor. Every modular machine requires at least:

  • one power source
  • one hard drive
  • one processing unit
  • access to a network to download programs OR disks loaded with said programs

A full guide to modular computers can be found HERE.

LibraryComputer.gif Library Computer

A computer located over the librarian's desk, one in the library amongst shelves and the prison wing. The one located over the librarian's desk is different from others, since it's the only one which can add a new book into the database and print out books. The other computers are able to access the database and only search for the names of the books.

Holodeck2.gifHolodeck Control Console

Controls the holodeck. Can be emagged to disable safety protocols.

Arcade 1.gif Arcade Machines

The easiest way to waste time, Arcade Machines can be found all over the station including Arrivals, the bar and escape. There are two different games: an RPG, which may go by several different names, or the Orion Trail, which is definitely not a cute ripoff of an ancient educational video game.

Defeat Lord ERPer

While all of these games may have different names, they all play the same way: namely, like an RPG. Basically, you and your CPU-controlled opponent take turns attacking. You can also heal (at the cost of MP) or recharge MP (at the cost of a turn).

Defeating your opponent nets you a prize of some sort.
You lose if your HP or MP is zero or less. Your attacks do 2-8 damage, healing restores 6-14 health for 1-4 MP, and charging regains 4-11 points. But none of that really matters. Although you can't see the enemy stats it's not too difficult to just whittle it down. It will attack doing 3-9 damage for some time. Eventually when its health is low enough it will start healing instead of attacking (4 points at a time), and shortly after when it runs out of MP it will steal yours. It won't ever steal more than 5 per turn, but you'll lose instantly if that puts you below 0.
Charging so you have at least 6 MP, healing so you have at least 10 HP and attacking otherwise is bound to work eventually, but there are faster methods.
Emagging this machine turns it into Outbomb Cuban Pete, which is harder and has higher stakes!

The Orion Trail

You start out with four people, 80 food, 60 fuel, and one each of engine parts, hull panels and electronics. Your goal is to make it to Orion. Your goal in reality is to crunch a bunch of numbers and hope the RNG favors you.

The more people you have and the more time you spend, the more food you use up. Every person consumes 2 food per day, and a normal leg of your journey takes 1 day.
The more detours you take, the more fuel you use up. A normal leg of your journey takes 5 fuel.
Raiders will sometimes steal a random amount of food and fuel, and collisions may vent it out into space. Certain events will use up engine parts or kill crew members, or offer you a risky option or a safe option that uses more food/fuel.
You will probably not make it to Orion if all of you live! There is not enough food unless you get really lucky with the black hole. Hope for death.

Mediborg's Amputation Adventure

Rare. Put your hand in the machine if you aren't a coward.

List of Prizes

The prize selected is random, unless the machine is emagged. They're all annoying, useless or dangerously similar to illegal items. Have fun!
  • Plushes
  • Snap-pop box
  • Blink toy
  • Tacticool Turtleneck
  • Toy sword
  • Cap gun & ammo
  • Foam-dart crossbow
  • Replica red spacesuit and helmet
  • Box of crayons
  • 'Singularity' spinning toy
  • Toy AI
  • Nuclear Fission Device toy (oh god)
  • Windup tool box (oh GOD)
  • One of eleven toy mech figurines.
  • Chasm and space looking floor tiles. HiddenSatchel.png If you can get a space suit and some plating in the middle of space, fake space tiles can be very useful!
  • Grenades full of glitter that coincidentally looks just like plasma or N2O.
  • Fake cult items. Security hates them!
  • Roller shoes and light-up shoes. Radical.
  • Tactical(tm) snack(tm) rigs that come prestocked with a selection of random gamer fuel.
  • Other fake traitor items, like an emag, a red button or a hot potato.
Emagged prizes

Battle arcade:

You get both of these, GUARANTEED! The arcade machine resets after, so you'll have to emag it again and win again to get more. It's probably faster to just go make a bomb yourself.
  • Syndicate bomb
  • Collectable Cuban Pete hat

Orion Trail:

  • Orion settler ship replica. It explodes in a big fireball, just like the ship it's based on. Aw.


Supply console2.png Supply Console

The Supply Console allows you to order and approve already ordered items, plus call or send the supply shuttle. Can be hacked to order contraband.

Request 01.gif Supply Request Console

The Supply Request Console lets you request things from the greedy bastards.

Supply console express.png Express Supply Console

The Express Supply Console immediately drops the order in a drop pod in a random location within the Cargo Bay. You can also print a Supply Pod Beacon for 500 credits.

Outpostcameras2.gif Outpost Cameras

The Outpost Cameras terminal allows you to access all of the mining station's cameras.

Shuttle 1.gif Mining Shuttle Console

The Mining Shuttle Console lets you to operate the mining shuttle, calling it to the Mining Dock or sending it to the Mining Station.

Integrityrestorer.gif Exploration Drone Control Console

The Exploration Drone Control Console allows a user to control and utilize the exploration drones for remote exploration.

Integrityrestorer.gif Scanner Array Control Console

The Scanner Array Control Console utilizes all constructed exoscanners to discover points of interest for the exploration drones, and information about them.


Crewmonitoring.gif Crew Monitoring Console/Operating Computer

The Crew Monitoring Console reports the location and vital statistics of the crew via their suit sensors. The downside is that it's entirely dependent on the crew bothering to turn those sensors on. Usually only the Heads and AIs have access to it.

The Operating Computer reports the vital statistics of the patient during surgery.

Medicalrecords.gif Medical Records Console

Contains the records of all Nanotrasen employees, a virus information database, and updates on the station's medbots. It has a lot more personal information than the Crew Monitoring computer, but most of it is never important and none of it updates automatically. DNA search function may be very useful for the Detective to compare with samples of DNA taken from evidence. You can also set a person's their mental status to Insane and Security bots will arrest them if they cross paths.

Cloningconsole.gif Cloning Console/DNA Scanner Access Console

Removed from /tg/station Feb, 2020.

DNA Scanner Access Console uses radiation through a nearby DNA Scanner to manipulate the genes of a person inside. It has a Radiation Emitter Menu for manipulating and a Buffer Menu for saving the manipulated genes and/or making injectors out of them so they can be spread around.

Chemmaster.gifPanD.E.M.I.C. 2200

This computer is used in virology to work with viruses.


Solar 0.gif Solars Control

The Solars Control computer allows, when configured, manipulation of solar panels to track the local star that is nearby.

Power 0.gif Power Monitoring Console

The Power Monitoring Console shows you the station's detected APC's, their current cell power charge, current powerload, and station's overall power output and power input (from the SMES's).

AtmosConsole.png Station/Atmospheric Alert Console

The Station Alert Console shows you the power-problem-areas on the station. It shows a power-alarm where the APC doesn't have enough cell-charge.

The Atmospheric Alert Console shows you where the atmospheric alerts are located on the station.

Atmostankcontrol.png Tank Monitor/Distribution and Waste Monitor/Gas Supply Control

Tank Monitor shows the pressures inside each tanks (the huge things in outer space right outside Atmospherics.

Distribution and Waste Monitor shows more in-depth information about the Mixed In Tank's status and the Distribution and Waste Loops.

Gas Supply Controls are located near the atmos tanks, one for each, and control the input and output pressure of those tanks, while also showing pressure and temperature information.

Atmostankcontrol.pngToxins Mixing Air Control

This computer can be found in Science Toxins Lab. It monitors the pressure and temperature inside the toxins mixing chamber.

Turbinecomp 0.pngGas Turbine Control Computer

Controls the power turbine.

Comm monitor 0.gifTelecommunications Monitoring Console

Read-only access to Telecomms machine settings.

Comm logs 0.gifTelecommunications Server Monitoring Console/Messaging Monitor Console

Access logs from the Telecoms Servers.


Rdcomp 0.pngCore R&D Console/Robotics R&D Console/R&D Server Controller

Core R&D Consoles and Robotics R&D Consoles let you do research. Using a screwdriver on the circuit board lets you toggle "Access protocols", which can allow or disallow spending research points with it. They also control Protolathes, Circuit Printers and Destructive Analyzers, and are necessary to use an E.X.P.E.R.I-MENTOR.

The R&D Server Controller can be used to read research logs or disable R&D Servers.

Recharge comp on 0.gifMech Bay Power Control Console

Controls the Mechbay Power Port (that recharges Mechs). Shows the amount of charge left in the mech.

Integrityrestorer.gif AI System Integrity Restorer

Used to restore a dead AI back to life. Using the Research Director's Console, select the "NT FRK" program. Then, use the InteliCard to collect the dead AI and insert it into the computer, and activate the repair function.

Roboticscontrol.png Robotics Control

This console allows you to remotely lock down those pesky borgs if they start acting up. It can also blow up drones remotely if they're being annoying.

Mecha 0.gif Exosuit Control

Used for tracking and locking down exosuits. Exosuits need to have a tracking beacon (built from Exosuit Fabricators) on them to appear on this console. EMPing mechs with this will destroy the tracking beacon.

Nanite cloud controller.gif Nanite Cloud Controller

Select the number ID for the cloud you'd like to use, and press the + button to the right. Then "Upload Program from Disk", once you have a disk with a nanite program on it. All programs on the cloud will then automatically be installed to any implanted nanites that are synched to the same cloud ID (by default 1 if installed with a Public Nanite Chamber).

Nanite chamber control 0.gif Nanite Chamber Control Console

Controls a connected Nanite Chamber. Can inoculate nanites, load programs, and analyze existing nanite swarms.

Slime comp 0.png Slime Managment Console

Used to feed, watch, and manage slimes in xenobiology.


Security 0.png Security Records Console

Security records computers keep a digital log of everything Security is keeping track of, plus a fingerprint database which is extremely useful for the Detective.

While Security can edit the records to keep very specific data about criminal history, sentencing, parole hearings, and other information, mostly the records are used to keep track of who is set to arrest. Persons of interest will have their names brightly lit up on a red background, while people who are incarcerated or have been released will have other colors as well. Anyone who can get into the record system can freely edit it once it is unlocked, and can set anyone else to arrest without needing a Security HUD.

Cameras 0.gif Security Cameras

This console allows you to access all of the station's camera feeds, and switch into any camera that is connected. They are found strictly in areas with security-only access.

Prisonermanagment.gif Prisoner Management Console/Labor Camp Teleporter Console

For locating persons implanted with a tracking implant. Shows location and an option to send a message straight into their minds. It is also used to give Prisoner IDs goals in the Labor Camp, to buy their freedom. You can also use it to track the amount of points the prisoner has collected.

Shuttle 1.gifPrisonner Shuttle Console/Labor Shuttle Console

Controls the Prisoner Shuttle.

Cameras 0.gifAdvanced Camera Console

Lets the user's view float freely where there are cameras. Usually available to certain antagonist bases, but the board can be printed with the security techfab after researching illegal technology.


Comm 0.gif Communications Console

Or short Comms Console; can be found on the Bridge, and in the Captain's Quarters.

This is where CentCom sends every important announcement. Admin-sent CentCom reports will be printed here. You can look up the reports under: Received Messages.

This is also, where the emergency evacuation procedure is initiated or canceled that will call the escape shuttle after a countdown, effectively ending the round. The Captain can also send transmissions to CentCom and change the security level of the station. Has GPS-signal when fully constructed.

Shuttle 1.gifEmergency Shuttle Console

Controls the Emergency Shuttle. The Shuttle departure timer can be shortened to 10 seconds by emagging or using 3 Head ID on the console. Most antagonists can hijack the shuttle by alt-clicking this console five times, even during flight.

Id console.gif Identification Console

The Identification Console is a modular computer with Plexagon crew management programs preinstalled. It allows you to change all the properties of an ID Card, provided you are a Head of Staff. You can change what rooms it has access too, what job it is, and what is the name on it. You may also open and close non-command positions for new crewmates to join as.

While only the HoP and Captain has access all it's functions, the other heads can still use it to manage access to their departments, and demote their subordinates.

Insert IDs by clicking it with ID in hand while not on

Режим боя Combat 32.png
Смена режима осуществляется нажатием клавиши 4 или F по умолчанию. Если режим боя активирован Harm Harm 32.png , то при нажатии ЛКМ на людей, вы им навредите, или поможете Help Help 32.png, если он деактивирован. Также предотвращает смену мест между персонажами или попытку толкнуть персонажа при их столкновении.

. Eject an ID with alt-click. You can also see the crew manifest and print it, which does not require any card.

Teleport 0.gif Teleporter Control Console

Locks the teleporting destination into any possible tracking beacon (or tracking implant).

Upload.gif AI Upload/Cyborg Upload

The AI Upload terminal allows you to upload laws to the AI, using AI modules. It is located in the AI Upload. It has a GPS-signal when fully constructed.

You upload a law to an AI by first grabbing an AI module of the type you want. Some AI modules (such as Freeform) can be used in hand to get a prompt where you can modify details of the law before uploading it. Then click the AI upload console with an empty hand to make it cycle targets between available AI's. Lastly, click the AI upload console with the AI module in your active hand to instantly upload the law.

The Cyborg Upload terminal allows you to modify the laws of any cyborg not linked to an AI. It is also located in the AI Upload.