TGMC:Frequently Asked Questions

Материал из SS220 /tg/station13 (Space Station 13)
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TGMC это билд, созданный на основе CM-SS13 и переделанный под ТГ.


What is this server about?

To answer we'll have to explain the philosophy behind this project.

Development: Like /tg/, we are very committed to producing open-source AGPL code to benefit the larger community, not only our own server, focusing in maintainability and code quality. Everyone can contribute, the game being made by the community and for the community.

Administration: We believe that intent and context always matter, and we'd rather try to change the behavior of the players we moderate than simply punishing crimes. This makes us more "relaxed" and tolerant with those who seem willing to change, or seem to have broken rules out of ignorance instead of malice, but it does make us more harsh with those who don't show intent to follow them.

Community: Every server has its own flavor, and the one we have chosen is to try to make a friendly and welcoming community for friendly and welcoming people. This is not an easy task, but in such sense we have decided to make bigotry and similar behavior against the rules. "Don't be a butt" sums up Rule 1, we are here to have a good time and we'd like for our playerbase to care for each other as much as possible. Idealistic? A bit, perhaps. But one can dream.

Lore: Currently under construction, but ultimately made by the community instead of taken from another media. The first-contact rule does not apply here, the Marines have faced the Xenos before even if they do not really know their origin, purpose or the true extension of their threat.

Roleplay: We aim for MRP: there should be a proper framework for people to play their characters and roleplay, without being forced to feign ignorance of the game mechanics in what is ultimately a competitive game mode between factions. Players are expected to stay IC and not bring OOC into it, but may if so they choose play a silent squad marine and merely pew-pew the enemies. Xenos do not need to pretend not to know what human equipment works (they are a smart greater hive-mind), and Marines should not have to repeat the same ignorance script at the start of every round (or shuttle hijack).

How is this different in game mechanics from CM and /tg/?

We've lifted most restrictions on actions so that all marines can do anything, (albeit taking a little more time) QoL Improvements that include an ammo hud, tickets rework to make mentor/admin tickets separate and easier to handle, and a rework of every specialist class. No whitelisting, new xenos, and more. Check our changelog and repository for specifics, or try playing and discovering by yourself!

How often is the server up?

Usually during weekend evenings, but mainly whenever we need to test things. Join our discord in order to get informed of when a test starts. We are currently on a development phase, making major years-worth backend changes in months time, so the uptime is limited. If you'd like to follow our roadmap summary, you can find it here

Can I murder/rampage after the round has ended?

Yes and no. There's an option in character preferences, End of Round Deathmatch, to be teleported to an arena for a little combat at the end of the round in where you can shoot and kill at will. Those who decide to stay behind are protected from grief as if the round was still ongoing.

How can I contribute?

Our code is open and both our repository and Discord are very active. Come over and give us a hand, we can use people who can code, sprite, map, mentor, admin, do wiki work, or simply help out with game balance, vote on changes or play. Your opinion is important!

Where do I apply for admin/mentor, where do I appeal bans, jobbans, notes or report players?

In the appropriate section of our forums here.